Seguimi | In my steps


Film Distributor –  STEMO Production Srl
Produced Blue FilmAlessandro Bonifazi, Bruno Trebbioli
Co-producer Grismedio –  Angelo Orlando, Efthymia Zymvragaki
VFX Compositor – Gianpaolo Rende (Nofictionart)

Marta is a professional swimming diver. An injury forces her to give up her career and return to her family home in Matera, a small medieval stone town surrounded by wild nature. There he faces the death of his artist father. In the village of return he meets another painter artist Sebastian, and his Japanese model who loves to portray in extreme poses. Inevitably, they attract the attention of Marta who is so struck by these works that she opens the doors of her house to the model and thus begins a symbiotic and sometimes disturbing relationship.
Three lives are at stake, the passion for her changes into obsession, reality turns into nonsense.
The arrival of his sister will upset the balance at home and bring old emotional traumas to the surface.

Directed by Claudio Sestieri
DoP & Cinematographer by Giovanni Mammolotti
Originals Musics by Marco Werba
Screenplay by Claudio Sestieri, Patrizia Pistagnese
Angelique Cavallari – Marta
Maya Murofushi – Haru
Pier Giorgio Bellocchio – Sebastian
Antonia Liskova – Muriel
Marina Esteve – Vera
José María Blanco – Adriano
Yu Hsun Huang – Anna
Film Editing – Erika Manoni
Movie Trailer Editor – Gianpaolo Rende
Executive Producer – Giorgio Voyatzakis
Colorist by Fabrizio Mambro
Señor VFX Compositor by Gianpaolo Rende
Lead 3D Artist by Stanis Cantono di Ceva
Costume Design by Lia Francesca Morandini
Production Design by Nunzia Decollanz
Film Commission Matera (IT) – Film Commission Barcelona (Es)