Based on the album of the same name, Flashmob is an independent music video produced on a limited budget, by and for true lovers of electronic music. https://vimeo.com/414025244...
Showreel 2019
Nofictionart presents Showreel 2019 / Compositor and VFX - 3D Artist by Gianpaolo Rende Software skills, branching workflow in Fusion Blackmagic Design - DaFusion Special Thanks to: Giuseppe Colonese, Luigia Pansera and...
Seguimi | VFX & Post-production
Seguimi | In my steps   Film Distributor -  STEMO Production Srl Produced Blue Film - Alessandro Bonifazi, Bruno Trebbioli Co-producer Grismedio -  Angelo Orlando, Efthymia Zymvragaki VFX Compositor - Gianpaolo Rende...
ANV 2019 | Motion Graphics
ANV CAMPUS 2019 Asociaciazione Nazionale Videografi 6/7 Novembre, Reggio Calabria (IT) Customer: Associazione Nazionale Videografi Motion graphics designer by Gianpaolo Rende https://vimeo.com/350151366 Masterclass: Arte...
Non ti Perdere | Roberta Cleo | VFX
Non ti Perdere | Artist Roberta Cleo Scritto e composto da Roberta Cleo Regia di Giuseppe Colonese & Luigia Pansera Assistente alla Regia e assistente di produzione: Amedeo Greco Dop Direttore della fotografia e...

VIsual Effects


Hi! I’m Gianpaolo Rende a senior vfx compositor freelancer artist, founder and member of nofictionart, a personal study that accrues solid experience in the post-production industry for film, video and virtual sets, focused into the creation and realization of innovative digital visual effects. I’m dedicated to working with to medium and small productions at various companies and team of digital artists. I offer technical support to the production of music video, commercials, film, short films, animations and documentaries. I take care of the entire workflow, from concept to creative design, from production until to the post-production.

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VFX - 3D

Visual effects:
The film industry, throughout its history of moving images, has enormously increased the use of the most innovative and suggestive techniques of video post production. From large to small size productions company, there is a decent difference when specialized visual effects interventions are required, they can offer aesthetic solutions capable of making the ordinary world extraordinary.


Optical flow:
The most surprising visual effects are those that manage to process and combine in one or more sequences a substantial number of information and visual elements. Compositing uses the combinations of 2D / 3D projections that come from different sources, but it’s the relative motion of the viewer that successfully establishes the three-dimensional nature of the event.


Linear non-linear:
The temporal evolution does not depend exclusively on the motion of objects within a scene, the image is treated as a condition of space and time. We observe the light and the environments, we study the interactions between subjects and objects, this allows us to establish the right degree of sublimation of the image in the final editing.