VFX Compositor - Motion Designer -3D Artist

Hi! I’m Gianpaolo Rende, senior vfx compositor, qualified expert in motion graphic design, founder and member of nofictionart, a creative studio specialised in the management of advanced digital systems for compositing and video post production, with a solid experience in the audiovisual, art, film, communication and advertising industries. Focused on creation of digital visual effects and in the realisation of the most classic special effects. My role is not one of the most mysterious, essentially I work with medium and small production companies, advertising agencies and event organizing companies. I collaborate with various talented teams and artists, with critics and curators, dreamers, communicators, producers and directors who have major contractual ambitions. I offer hands-on support for the production of music videos, advertising, spot, short films, experimental films, independent art films, documentaries, animations and motion graphics. While remotely configuring custom scripts dedicated to the execution of video compositing, I prepare all kinds of assets and optimise workflows to be processed and exported correctly by the best performing rendering engines, ensuring a faithful representation of reality with excellent aesthetic qualities. From conceptual ideas to creative design, from production to post production of every single shot or sequence that respects the script and fits into the editing plans.

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What We Offer?
We propose different types of services: creative and executive direction, concept planning, set planning, pre-production, on-site supervision, video editing, color correction, color grading, 2D/2.5D/3D modelling, texturing uv maps and animation, match moving, visual effects, fluid simulation, creating fire, fog, smoke, and explosions in real-time compositing video, renders and motion graphics. We integrate two-dimensional images into immersive real three-dimensional environments. We develop asset and visual content for LED Wall, video mapping, digital signage and installations.
Points of strength
To enhance and enhance our clients’ demands to the utmost creativity, we research and adopt innovative and ever-evolving artistic styles and techniques. Our strength lies in driving technological innovation, expressing it to its fullest potential. Elegance, aesthetic taste and reliability always oriented to the contemporary world, enhance the strategic vision, creative direction and conceptual development of the companies or manufacturers we collaborate with, telling a real history that has arcane origins.​
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Green/Blue Screen, Chromakey, Lumakey, Rotoscope, Rotopaint, Digital Make Up, Preps Work, Matte Painting, Sci-fi environment, Texturing, Deep Compositing, Integration, Multi pass Rendering
Color Correction, Color Grading, Editing video, Comforming Video


Tracking, Planar tracking, Camera projection, Import/Export Point Cloud
FX TD Simulations:
Cloth, Crowd, Fluids, Smoke and Fire, Volume Fog, Particles, Seas and ponds, Clouds
3D Modeling:
Architectural, Environment, GeoLayers, 3D Landscapes, Primitive, Tunnel, UV Maps, Texturing, Shading, Lighting 



Digital Painting | Motion Design
Concept Art, Digital Matte Painting, Motion Graphics Design
Motion Design | Standard | Premium
Game, Typographic, Infographic, Parallax, Miscellaneous, Liquid, Logo animations, Graphical interfaces, Hud (Head-Up Display)
R&D | Phyton 2.7
Macro & Tool Developer, Add-On, Script and Expression Developer.