Asociaciazione Nazionale Videografi
6/7 Novembre, Reggio Calabria (IT)

Customer: Associazione Nazionale Videografi
Motion graphics designer by Gianpaolo Rende

Masterclass: Arte Cinematica – Kostas Petsas (Gr)

Special Guests:
Icecam Gimbal,  Giantommaso Bafunno
Pres. DOC Creativity, Daniela Furlani

Finally, on 6 and 7 November 2019, the annual Campus organized by the ANV (National Videographers Association) will be held at “è hotel” in Via Giunchi n. 6 Reggio Calabria.
Two important days of training dedicated to wedding videography with:
Kostas Petsas of Cinematic Art, a renowned professional in the wedding video, winner of numerous international awards. For this reason he will put his experience at the disposal of the members, widely sharing his working method.

His philosophy? “Simple is beautiful and less is more.”

The following will take place during the Campus:
Giantommaso Bafunno of Icecam gimbal, for years a leader in the production of video stabilizers and Daniela Furlani, president of Creativity DOC on the theme of “new job opportunities for young videographers”.

The seminar offers an important opportunity for growth and professional sharing and is reserved for ANV members.

For all the details on the training event, visit the following web page: ANV

ANV, Slider Campus 2019