PNH, digital literature magazine

PNH, digital literature magazine

Preferiría no Hacerlo

rather than a magazine, Preferiría no Hacerlo wants to be a literary movement that conceives art with constant and daily anxiety.

Literature is seen as an animal besieged by silence, so we try to reconstruct the world in which it lives, starting from words, from our texts and from the opening of the horizons that postmodernity has given us to know.

art director & graphics designe: Gianpaolo Rende

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Hombre Malo tiempo de mierda – numero 16

Hombre Malo


Los perros de Tesalonica – numero 10
Perros de Tesalonicai


 Trofalaxis, discursos, feromonas, carbohidratos – numero 9



Patafisica, numero 8


El Castillo de Kubla Khan la estética de lo inacabado, numero 7
Kublai Khan


La Frontera, numero 6
La Frontera